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Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 Strange Things About: Martin Allen

5 Strange Things series.
Today: Martin Allen. Author.

5 Strange Things About Martin Allen

1) Despite making a number of public appearances (Stage Magic, a Musical, Mooting[which is presenting a legal argument in a competition]) and training in the law, which all require public speaking etc. I have quite crippling stage fright, which of course results in a rush of adrenaline while on stage and then a crash afterwards as the adrenaline wears off.

2)  In my last stint of boredom I learned how to make chainmail. I have a tendency to invent projects for myself in fits of boredom that involve learning a new skill. They rarely get finished because the point is to learn the skill not complete the project. I have an inverse version of this if I hear new knowledge or something I don't think is right, I'll absolutely have to look it up or it will bug me for ages. I'm dreading the prospect of a language becoming one of these projects as that would just consume so much of my time. I did attempt to learn Arabic once but it didn't stick.

3) I am absolutely and completely uncomfortable with any kind of compliment or praise. I have been known to try and get out of things that involve celebrating any kind of success that is attributable to me (up to and including my own graduation). While I can be cut up by a negative review or a criticism I generally learn from them and move on, praise makes me cringe. This also extends to having my photograph taken. If there is a camera at a party or social gathering or even someone using a smartphone to take photographs I can easily loose track of conversations as I track where these infernal devices are being pointed so that I can duck behind a pillar or turn my back at the last moment, I will circulate the gathering with the sole intention of avoiding the line of sight of the camera.

4) I am utterly incapable of reading body language as it pertains to me. However thanks to learning body language reading skills I can quite accurately predict events and read other people as long as what I'm reading in relation to are absolutely nothing to do with me. As a Magician I used to occasionally pull off fake psychic readings to illustrate the techniques fake psychics and charlatans would use to convince people that they are genuine (as an explanation  I am only referring to people who are not psychic saying that they are psychic; I do not seek to say that all psychics are fraudulent because at least some are - that would be a logical fallacy).

5) I ended up editing a charity anthology (which I had contributed a short story to - "6 Points of Contact")for wounded veterans despite being dyslexic (according to an educational psychologist I should never have learned how to read unless I had an extreme amount of extra help). I only told the other authors part of the way through the process.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

5 Strange Things About: Yashimaru Bishounen.

5 Strange Things Series. Today, Yashimaru Bishounen.

Cosplayer, Pirate, Friend.

5 Strange Things About Yashimaru Bishounen

1) The left side of my chest is caving in over my heart and lung which may well kill me one day. As a result I have a much harder time with long periods of cardio. The side effect of this is that my heart has actually moved out of place and is now more in the lower center of my chest. It's also the reason why though almost all my cosplays are bishounens, I have always done cosplays that keep my chest covered.

2) I started acting when I was 5 years old. My parents signed me up for an acting camp and at the end, seeing how much I enjoyed it, asked if they had any work I could be in and they told my parents I was to good for their stuff. I was signed up in acting classes the next day. Since then, I have been on 3 episodes of the new detectives, several commercials, a voice acting commercial where I did a recording in a different accent for 13 different locations in the south, and was flown to new york on a call back audition for the movie "3 Wishes" were I would have played the part of the older son, the main character. Sadly, my agency was bought out and closed when I was 13, forcing me to make the hard choice of focusing on school rather than seeking a new agency. It is one of the major factors in my outlook on cosplay being a performance art more than just craftsmanship.

3) I have also been a practicing occultist since I was 5. I started out mostly with spiritualism like shamanism and elemental work but I have continued on to research most any aspect of the occult that I can get my hands on. Admittedly, I am not fond of new age occultism because it is so different from the calculated approach of the old ways but I have still done some research into it as well. I do not cast spells continuing my long tradition of preferring spiritual work to practical magic. It is for this reason that rather then saying I am a wizard or any other term of the like I simply say "I'm complicated" when the topic of faith is brought up.

4) I am a futilitarian misanthrope with sociopathic tendencies.

Misanthrope - a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

Futilitarian - one who believes that humanities hopes and dreams are futile.

Now what all this means is rather simple really.  You see, I have seen the endless cruelty that the world has to offer, like the fact that there are still new golf courses being built in America while people say there is no room to build housing for homeless people; even though the average golf course is 74 acres.  I have seen how most of the world is more willing to pick a side than to actually work together to fix problems.  I have seen how this state of being has enabled the powerful and rich to get more powerful and rich while those with out either struggle or end up in jail. It is for these reasons that I became a futilitarian, realizing that so long as humanity accepts its lot in life that nothing will ever change and so the hopes and dreams of most will be out of their reach.  People have to work and fight to get to their goals, not sit and wait for it to come.  As for being a sociopath, no I am not saying to sound cool because of Sherlock.  All being a sociopath really means is that you are unable to connect with most people and things on an emotional level. You understand their emotion and respond with a conditioned response but you don't really feel their emotion.  It is the difference between being sad for someone's loss and saying you're sorry because it is expected.

5) In the 3rd grade I was performing well above my other classmates, so the school had me tested and found that I had a 180 IQ and a college reading level. I frequently read books like Robinson Crusoe for fun, unabridged of course. I was moved into an advanced placement class which I found boring as sin and thus began my long tradition of slacking off and skimming by rather then trying to impress. Though my special education teacher never believed the act and always saw my potential mostly in writing and philosophy frequently calling me young Einstein. I retested a few years back and got bored on the last quarter of the test slacking off resulting in a score of 145. I admit that knowledge of my potential as well as of my history with trivia and factoids is one of the major factors in me having a difficult time admitting when i am wrong.

Ok, so I could probably come up with more, but like I said, I am trying to keep this brief. A small snippet of my life. That all being said, let me wrap up with this:

Yashimaru Bishounen can be found online at the following spots:
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5 Strange Things about: Serenity Valle (Author, Editor, Model, Singer, Bellydancer, Actress, Soapmaker)

5 Strange Things Series. Today, me. Serenity Valle. Author, Editor, Model, Singer, Bellydancer, Actress, Soapmaker.

When I first thought this series up, I wondered to myself
. o O ( How many strange things should I list?)
I'm pretty strange, or at least have quite a few unique qualities, so I decided on five, lest this post, and others, be arbitrarily long and drawn out.

So, in the spirit of brevity (meaning I don't actually know how brief this will end up), I shall stop yammering and get to the list!

5 Strange Things About Serenity Valle

1) I am ethnically [part] Caló. Caló people are one of the groups commonly referred to as "Gypsies". Caló generally are found in Spain. The Caló language, Zincali is all but dead now. We are also called Gitanos and at one point, erroneously called Zincali (that's the language, not us!) I've also seen Caló spelled Kaló. Those known as "Gypsies" (capitalised because it refers to an ethnic group), originally were from India, and there are "Gypsies" (the Banjara people) still there today. "Gypsies" (there are many tribes) can be found in every country in the world.

2) I was adopted at birth. Though my birth parents and family wanted me very much, they could not  provide the kind of life they thought I deserved. To give me my "best chance", they gave me to my adoptive family. I was raised not rich in money, but always rich in love and my parents encouraged my writing every step of the way. I miss them daily. I found my birth family when I was 22 and have since met many of them and connected with my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

3) I read Tarot and tea leaves. I am intuitive. Even before I was aware of my Caló heritage (also, Mexican, Lakota and Scottish-Clan Rutherford), I felt drawn to divination and knew I was intuitive. Eventually, my mum got used to me saying random things out of blue, only to have them be correct, or occur later that day... but when I was really young, it sort of freaked her out! :)

4) I LOVE spies. Spy movies, spy shows. I wanted to be a spy when I was young, I used to write for a spy RPG online, I even have books ranging from The KGB to Counter-intelligence to Private Investigation, which was my more mature choice for a career. It's hard to be a PI with young kids, so instead, I write paranormal mysteries and stuff.

5) I will watch Bollywood films over most Hollywood films any day. I don't know if my ethnic connection to India has anything to do with it or not, but I LOVE Bollywood! (Bombay [now Mumbai] + Hollywood = Bollywood. I own a number of DVDs and Netflix them all the time. There's just something about the innocence compared to Western films, not to mention all the singing and dancing! The first one I ever saw was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Hollywood films I will watch over and over? Star Wars (classic trilogy)- I saw the first one in the theater!, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings... I'm a geek. I admit it!

Ok, so I could probably come up with more, but like I said, I am trying to keep this brief. A small snippet of my life. That all being said, let me wrap up with this:

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