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Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Strange Things About: Crystal Marie

5 Strange Things series.
Today: Crystal Marie- blogger

5 Strange Things About Crystal Marie

1) I’m a blogger who hates writing reviews.  I know, I know, it sounds stupid but the reality is that writing reviews lately has been really stressful.  With having to worry about an author threatening a lawsuit, or attacking us on the blog, sometimes I wonder if it’s not worth it.

2) I love New York City.  With a passion.  It’s one of my all-time favorite places to go to and I try to go at least every other year (every year if I can swing it).  Now the strange thing about that? I hate people. I hate being in groups of people, the over-crowding, everything about a city? I truly hate and can’t stand. But I freaking love NYC!

3) I have really weird eating habits.  When I was in Colorado, one of my bosses thought I was pregnant for the longest time because I eat weird things/combinations.
My favorite snack though?  Dill pickles and chocolate frosting.  It’s like the combination of the salty pickle and the sweet of the frosting.
And speaking of dill pickles, why can’t you just buy a jar of dill pickle juice all by itself? I mean come on, it’s a great drink, and they should get it to where you can just buy the juice!

4) We (my parents and I) name our dogs with “human” names.  With the exception of one of the boys, who has a “dog” name, everyone else has human names. And yes, they are spoiled rotten and are the rulers of the house.
One of the dogs will talk to you.  So usually every day I’ll go over to my mum’s house and I’ll have a conversation with Jaynee.  Yes, she will literally answer you, and she will be talking and pause and look at you for you to reply.  You can have a probably 30-minute conversation with her and her tail never stops wagging.

5) I’m currently growing my hair out.  I haven’t cut it in about 3 years, which is a super long time for me.  The reason why?  My dad was watching a Farmer’s Only commercial and he made the comment that maybe the reason why I’m still single is because in the commercial all the city girls (who are high patience) have short hair, but the country girls all have long hair. 
So I started to grow my hair out so that people would realize that I’m not a city girl LOL.

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