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Sunday, October 9, 2016

5 Strange Things About: Kristel Fijolek

5 Strange Things Series.
Today: Kristel Fijolek
Chemist by day - Bellydancer, Burlesque and Hula Dancer by night.

5 Strange Things About Kristel 

1. I'm a Chemist by day, and did not start belly dancing until I was in my late 40s.

2. I can't sleep if the bed isn't made perfectly. I make it right before I go to bed, and if my husband is in bed before I do it I make him get out until I have the bed perfect.

3. I can't stand odd numbers or things that are asymmetrical. I'm looking at an angled chair right now that bothers me, but it fits perfectly in the corner at an angle. You will never see me with 5 of anything. I can deal with 3, because triangles look symmetrical.

4. I have an absurd fear of crossing busy streets. I will stand and wait for a perfect stranger to come along and cross with me before I'll do it alone.

5. This is not a strange thing about me, but a strange thing that happened to me. A man in a wheelchair pulled a knife on me one night because I wouldn't go to his hotel room to "look at the view of Mars". He became even more furious when I didn't take this very seriously, and when my friend and I got in her van to leave, he clutched on to the side mirror and rolled along with us until he finally let go.

Kristel dances with the Naughty Samadhi Performance Troupe

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